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Ivana Ruddock-Lange is a veterinarian, anatomist (author of the Atlas of Equine Musculoskeletal System) and an equine bodyworker (and the co-founder of The Equine Touch – the soft bodywork for horses).

Over the years I became fascinated with anatomy and especially with muscles and connective tissue – with the fascia. During the whole horse dissections that I am teaching for the last 15 years, I witnessed the continuity of fascia and the myofascial chains. Looking underneath the skin made me understand how powerful is the whole body approach for my practice of the Equine Touch and other modalities. Through my pictures, diagrams and videos I would like to invite other people to discover the marvel of the equine body – where everything is connected to everything and everything affects everything. You can be a bodyworker, a trimmer, an osteopath, acupuncturist, a veterinarian, a trainer or a horse owner – I believe you can benefit from this knowledge.

I perform dissections, taking hundreds of photographs and then sitting in front of the computer choosing the best, adjusting them and labeling them. If I do a video it takes time to process, not speaking about the cost of equipment to take it.
I do this for the love of horses and to help people who are interested in horses’ health and wellbeing to be more knowledgeable, so they can make horses’ life easier and better. My motto always was: “To help horses by educating people”.

You don’t need to pay anything to see some pictures and videos – they will be still free (Along with my FB pages), though some special material will be available to my patrons only. I have set four tiers.

BUT you can always just come here to read what is available and maybe one day you can start to support me (because you can), or you can support me for now and later you can cancel (when you will need every penny). There is no pressure here, I will always appreciate your curiosity when it comes to help horses.

I will make as many posts as possible, but I pledge to post at least two posts/videos in a month (that is a minimum – if I will have an interesting case I will be sharing it here more frequently).

I hope together we can make changes in a horse’s lives.