Author / Veterinarian / Bodyworker / Anatomist

I teach anatomy classes and bodywork courses to bring awareness to the broad spectrum of people who wish to learn more about the horse’s body, and the wellbeing of horses. 

Being a veterinarian, bodyworker and anatomist gives me a different view and solid understanding of the structure of the horse’s body, as well as how that structure can (or cannot) function during specific tasks that we humans ask of it. 

I am also an advocate for the holistic approach. Whether one is a saddle fitter, rider, trainer, dentist, trimmer/farrier, or otherwise, I believe we can all agree that the horse is a complex, unique being whose structure requires us to understand its physiology and anatomy before we start to interfere with its genius Natural design.

I love to bring this information to others, to educate, provoke thought, and create curiosity in all those who care about horses, so they can make informed decisions, based on knowledge (not because “we have been doing this for the last 100 years”…).

I hope you will find something interesting here.