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Ivana Ruddock-Lange

As an equine bodyworker myself,  I saw how many practitioners of different disciplines, even colleagues, struggled with anatomy.

They were keen to learn, but were intimidated by the size of anatomy books, or found them confusing or overwhelming. I knew how challenging it can be to learn about the horse’s body from a page and then apply it to practice when feeling the horse with one’s hands.

I have had a bit of experience with both sides myself – firstly as a student of anatomy and later as a teacher of anatomy. My goal is to bring anatomy to the broader public. It is science, but it is also a very fascinating subject, and when “a little bit dissected”, it becomes quite understandable and logical.

Looking at an intricate body from the inside out can teach us how much we can positively and/or negatively influence this incredible, balanced system.

Anatomy Class

To help “anatomy” enthusiasts, I teach three-day Whole Horse Dissection classes. While the thought of this may seem revolting or frightening, the valuable information obtained in class nullifies such feelings and empowers one for life. Looking at the horse’s body from the inside out, one can see how amazing it is! And because of its size, it seems unbreakable – but once again, that is very misleading. The horse’s body is large and strong but is also very delicate. And that is what I want to pass on to my students. We have to be responsible when working with horses and while enjoying them in sports and other activities.

Over the years I was asked many times to produce some kind of “simple” book for my bodyworker students to use as a reference. So finally I mustered the courage to sit down and do it. I processed hundreds of photos from my dissections, spent hundreds of hours labeling them, and put them into book form. I am hoping that this will suffice as the “simple reference book” – not only for Equine Touch students but for other modalities as well.

Anatomy Books
Atlas of the Equine Musculoskeletal System

The first edition became a “bestseller” and all copies were sold in first two months. sold in first two months. We now have a brand new second edition Atlas available from our shop in both printed and PDF download formats.

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