Ivana Ruddock-Lange Artist

Inspired by the horse, I love to work with clay.

Ivana Ruddock-Lange

Surely I am not The artist, but i do consider myself to be an aspiring artist with a big heart and a huge desire :-). 

With desire to bring a smile to other people’s faces, or to make them a bit curious and trigger their fantasy. The world is too serious these days and those things somehow disappeared from our daily lives.

I love to work with clay, working with my hands, touching the clay and squeezing out of it some shapes and forms – it is very therapeutic.

I took my first pottery class as a part of therapy, after my husband Jock passed away. From there it became “my expression, place of dreams, my escape space, my relaxing time”.  Every time I would think about what I would truly like to do “one day” I would always see myself in a little studio, in a small shabby cottage with a nice English garden around it, and myself covered with clay, but with a big smile on my face.